Metalloids Exim

Metalloids Exim

4, Gautam Estate, Opp. Municipal Garden,
Nr. Chakudiya Mahadev, Rakhial, Ahmedabad-380023, Gujarat, India.

Phone: +91 79 2562 8686
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Prashant Mehta: +91 9510 862 885
Nakul Bokadia: +91 9825 758 086

Opp. Bhagwatinagar, Airport Highway, Nr. Premprakesh Ashram,
Kotarpur Water Works Road, Noblenagar, Ahmedabad. (Guj.) India

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Metalloids Exim also provides solution for Import-Export to foreign companies and to do trade with Indian companies with ease. Please fill below form in case of any queries or feedback regarding our products & services.